Understanding and Treating Memory

Remote memory workshop, Atlanta, October 12, 2006

    Goal: The purpose of this one-day, small and informal workshop was to review and exchange findings in this fast evolving area of rodent memory research, as well as to discuss the often difficult experimental complexities of measuring and observing memory gradients in mice and rats. We have carefully selected the number of participants to insure a frank and open exchange of ideas in this fascinating but complex area of research.

    Participants included:
    Alcino Silva (UCLA)
    Brian Wiltgen (UCLA)
    Bruno Bontempi (CNRS)
    Howard Eichenbaum (BU)
    Jerry Rudy (UC Boulder)
    Joe Tsien (BU)
    Kaori Takehara (U Tokyo)
    Karim Nader (McGill)
    Larry Swanson (USC)
    Mike Davis (Emory)
    Michael Fanselow (UCLA)
    Paul Frankland (U Toronto)
    Randy O'Reilly (UC Boulder)
    Robert Clark (UCSD)
    Robert Sutherland (UN)
    Stephan Anagnostaras (UCSD)
    Stephen Maren (UM)
    Thanos Siapas (Cal Tech)
    Satoshi Kida (Tokyo)

    Date: October 12th, 2006 (9AM-5PM), right before the
    Society for Neuroscience meeting in Atlanta.

    Venue: Primate Center, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia